Chattanooga, Tennessee, based Unum Group, a Fortune 500 company, is the top disability insurer in the United States and the United Kingdom. They also offer other insurance products including accident, critical illness, and life insurance.

My Role

Designer, Medium, 2010

The Challenge

Market and customer demand were driving the need for Unum to develop a comprehensive benefit enrollment, education, and maintenance solution for employees that was easy and seamless.

The Solution

I worked directly with the client to create an online application that allowed the employee to visit one location to make every interaction with Unum. Here the employee could sign up for initial coverage, view their claim status, create beneficiaries and update their account information.

The interface was designed so small elements could be assembled into larger components.
Developer's from Unum were responsible for building the application so documentation was provided to help them understand why design decisions were made.
A set of completed pages and workflows were also created and delivered to the Unum developers, along with the documentation for each component.

The Results

Unum became the first insurance company to develop a complete and simple solution for employees to account for all of their communication and transaction needs. This provided Unum with a significant advantage in providing quality employee servicing solutions.

Employees could view their current insurance coverage, available coverage, and other helpful services via the coverage page.
Employees could also edit, add, or remove coverages during open enrollment.
The account section provided an area for employees to manage beneficiaries, account information, and other settings.